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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sno-Isle TECH?

A public high school that prepares high school juniors and seniors to be successful in a high-tech work force and/or go on to further education and training.


How do Students Apply for Admission?

Click the Apply Now button on the home page and complete your online application. Your counselor will then attach your most recent transcript to your application, an interview will be scheduled for you to spend a day at Sno-Isle TECH in your chosen program and have a quick one-on-one interview with the instructor. If you have further questions, please reach out to your sending high school counselor. 


Who is Eligible to Attend Sno-Isle TECH?

High school juniors and seniors in Snohomish County and South Island County, anyone ages 16-20 who has not received a high school diploma, anyone ages 16-20 who has not received a GED. If a student has not graduated and is over the age of 18 they must be enrolled in a high school or credit retrieval program to apply for Sno-Isle TECH.


What is the Cost to Attend Sno-Isle TECH?

There is NO cost to attend Sno-Isle TECH for students within the district consortium (Snohomish County & South Island County), some programs may have a lab fee (please see the main office if financial assistance is needed). The Cosmetology 2 program hosted at EvCC Marysville campus has additional fees and tuition beyond what is paid by Sno-Isle TECH.


What is the Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center’s Daily Schedule?

AM Session 7:55 AM-10:25 AM

PM Session 11:10 AM-1:40 PM 

Late Start: No AM Session, PM Runs on Regular Schedule

Early Dismissal: No PM Session, AM Runs on Regular Schedule


What about Grades & Credit?

Grades will be assigned by the Sno-Isle TECH instructor and credit will be transcribed by the sending high school.


Where is Sno-Isle TECH and How do Students Get There?

Sno-Isle TECH students are transported by district transportation to and from our campus for their half-day session at 9001 Airport Road, Everett, WA 98204. Morning session is held from 7:55 AM-10:25 AM and afternoon session is held from 11:10 AM-1:40 PM. 


Can Students Drive to Sno-Isle TECH?

We are a non-driving school with some exceptions.  Students who are homeschooled that have no bus and can apply for a permit.  Students who are running start, please plan your classes carefully as that is NOT a guarantee for a parking pass.  We serve 1,000+ students per day with 44 parking spots.  Parking off-site is a disciplinary offense.  Several of our sending districts forbid driving and we need to honor that.  A student can obtain a one-day pass with 24 hours’ notice and communication in advance from a parent.  At that time, it is determined whether the pass will be granted.  If you oversleep and miss your bus, do not drive.  Report to your sending high school and they will communicate with us.  That is not an excused absence according to state attendance laws.


What is the Attendance Policy?

Students are expected to be in class each day that their sending high school is in session and transportation is provided to Sno-Isle TECH by the sending district. For more information, please refer to the Student Handbook.


How Do I report an Absence?

Call the attendance line at 425.348.2222, or email


What is the Code of Conduct for Attending Students?

Students attending Sno-Isle TECH are a dedicated group of individuals interested in being here Monday-Friday for the entirety of the school year. In the event the student does not follow published classroom behavior expectations, discipline will be implemented. For more information, please refer to the Student Handbook. 


What is the Dress Code for Students at Sno-Isle TECH?

We require students to dress in a manner that matches the industry safety standards they are studying.  One thin layer of cotton can be lifesaving and prevent injury.  Students who are out of safe attire boundaries will be asked to correct the clothing and we can provide an outfit to change into when you arrive that will assure a safer working environment.  No exceptions!  Your safety must come first.  We adhere to the Mukilteo school board policies regarding attire, but must be more stringent for safety sake.  Please call the assistant director with any questions.